We offer several kinds of lettuce- at any given time we have around twenty different varieties growing in our greenhouse, many of them heirloom cultivars. At this point, we have Red and Green Bibbs, Romaines, Summer Crisps, Red and Green Oak Leaf, Green Leaf, and Batavia lettuces.

(one of our rafts, showing about 8 kinds of lettuce)

Other Greens:
We have multiple varieties of the following leafy greens: Swiss Chard, Kale, Arugula, Pak Choi, Tatsoi, and Mizuna (a mild, tasty Asian green that's great in salads, stir frys, pastas, etc.).

(look at all those ladybugs at the base!)

Our herbs include Watercress, Basil, Mint, Parsley, Chives, and Oregano.

(baby basil)


Please check our weekly produce posts to see which varieties are available.

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